She speaks all of two words . . .

. . . and I suddenly find myself wanting to know her better.

4 Responses

  1. Yes, she has a cute voice 🙂

    I really like Yuu Kobayashi in this series 🙂

    • Cute, yes – though I’m especially intrigued by the two words Noeru spoke and what they suggest about her character. (I know next to nothing about Yuuki Aoi, though; my only previous encounter with her voice was in Kure-nai.)

      Completely agreed on Kobayashi Yuu; she’s a solid choice for Kazumiya Rio. It’ll probably take another episode for me to get used to her as Rio, though – in my head that voice still rings a little too strongly of Nagi-senpai.

  2. The Nagato Effect
    Don’t forget Vanilla from Galaxy Angel!
    Somehow, characters with the least lines tend to get all the cool/memorable lines.

    Less is indeed more.

    • “Less is indeed more”

      True, that. I imagine that having less speech-time to work with makes the writer/s very careful about what to put into the mouths of our silent sentinels. Nary a word wasted, every syllable loaded with meaning.

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