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Anime/manga nut. Japanophile. That’s all you need to know.

Here on ディエゴの日々, I’ve been blogging about anime and manga on-and-off since the winter of 2006-2007. Well, more “off” rather than “on” these days: I still watch/read the stuff but finding the time and motivation to write about my experiences has been rather difficult of late.

I do a fair bit of travelling in my spare time, some of which I’ve documented right here, but you’ll find accounts of more recent trips over on my new travel blog Within Striking Distance. Needless to say (given my interest in anime and manga), I’ve journeyed to Japan several times in the last few years – it’s a frightfully addictive country from top to bottom, with loads to see and experience.

I have a couple of other sites which reflect more obscure areas of interest – check this one out, for example – but most of my recent activity has been poured into either this blog or my travel blog.

Stick around, make yourself at home, and don’t mess up the carpet. Cheers.

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