Figure Unboxing: Nendoroid Shima Rin, Touring Version (Max Factory)

It’s been a good long while since I last wrote about anything to do with anime, and even longer since my last figure-related post. Time to address both gaps with this review of a new acquisition: Max Factory’s nendoroid depiction of Shima Rin from the series Laid-Back Camp.

If you’re able to peek into my mind, what you’ll see is a roiling, boiling, red-hot lava pit of anxiety and stress. Small wonder that iyashikei anime tend to find in me a ready audience, eager to derive the maximum amount of mental healing for the minimum of emotional investment. And amongst all the series of recent vintage that I’ve been exposed to, Laid-Back Camp has probably offered the best value for this trade: a succession of vignettes, beautifully rendered and impeccably scored, requiring little from the viewer in the way of commitment whilst supplying the highest quality of restorative effect.

But enough about that. I must remind myself that this is an unboxing post—not an anime review!

So, without further ado…

…it’s time to unbox the box.

Here we have number 1451 in the Good Smile nendoroid series: the “Shima Rin Touring Version”.

Although Good Smile Company are the distributors, this particular sculpt is of Max Factory’s devising (hence the Max Factory livery on the packaging).

Number 1451 is a fairly complex build as far as nendoroids go, requiring a large number of parts both small and incredibly small. The replica Yamaha Vino scooter alone requires a whole subset of components for both initial assembly and display mounting, including a pair of near-microscopic side mirrors that must be attached to the handlebars by the purchaser (doubtless because they were too delicate to come pre-installed). Thankfully, the manufacturers have included a bilingual manual—Japanese on one side, English on the other—to help with navigating this sea of accoutrements.

The parts are organised within two nested trays of clear plastic. Here’s the lot straight out of the box, before removal of the upper cover and separation of the two trays.

Most of the components are in the larger upper tray…

…with the remainder (including the display base) tucked away on the lower level.

This plethora of swappable face plates, body parts and accessories translates into a wide variety of Shimarins. There’s the basic Shimarin with scarf and riding attire, perhaps glancing occasionally at her mobile phone to check on messages…

…the hungry Shimarin happily tucking into a pressed, toasted butaman (something I’m eager to try myself, nom nom)…

…the helmeted Shimarin, ready to set off on her next adventure or freshly arrived at her destination…

…and of course, the iconic rider Shimarin speeding away on her trusty motor scooter.

To round things off, here’s a detailed unboxing video from Good Smile’s official YouTube channel.

I’m really quite pleased with this latest acquisition, not least because Shima Rin is my favourite character in the Laid-Back Camp franchise—but also because of the quality and attention to detail evident in the build. This earns a hearty buy recommendation from me, especially if you’re a fan of the series.

Incidentally, I’ve got one more nendoroid en route, my third overall (and likely to be the last for a while). That one’s a little interesting because I’m not really a fan of the series or the character, though I like both well enough; I bought it because I thought it would fit nicely into a project I’m cooking up that involves all three figures. In any event, we’ll save the tale for when it arrives.

Till then, cheerio.


The Nendoroid Shima Rin (Touring Version) was originally announced in September 2020 (with an issue price of 8,000 JPY), and physically released in February 2021. This item is currently listed as “not available” at the Good Smile Company official online shop, but may still be purchased from Good Smile partner retailers.

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