Diego’s winter anime viewing list, 2010 edition


One year ends and another begins. At last, comrades, we find ourselves standing yet again upon the threshold of the winter anime season – The Greatest Anime Season of the Year. The fact of the awesome winter season’s awesomely awesome awesomeness was established with compelling finality in last year’s winter season write-up, so we need not ask ourselves why the title should not more worthily be conferred upon spring, summer or fall. Winter = Awesome. Fact of life. Law of physics. Got it? Splendid.

But that’s not the end of it. 2010’s winter season is shaping up to give even more bang for the byte than last year’s. The proof: my viewing list for this winter has TWICE the number of shows as the previous winter.

And so, before I render the word “awesome” irretrievably obsolete through unbridled overuse, I am pleased to present my complete viewing list for the 2010 Winter Anime Season – The Greatest Anime Season of the Year.

Ready? You asked for it.

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