I was actually looking for news about the recent floods and quake…

…but then I came across this, and my mood instantly lifted.

Ahh, sweet memories.


I don’t usually stay in capsule hotels, but this might lure me back

I take a very dim view of objectionable fanservice, so this recently reported promotional campaign involving one of my favourite anime series will remain firmly in the “wait-and-see” category until more information becomes available. That said, if the final result is all in good taste, I’d be tempted to break away from my routine use of business-level hotels whilst holidaying in Japan (at least for one night or two) just for the chance to share in the experience.

After all, I’ve already stayed with this particular capsule hotel chain (albeit in another branch) so I have a half-decent idea of what to expect, facilities wise.

Didn’t think I’d get back into the sports anime genre…

…but then I discovered Haikyū!! on Netflix.

Ipse enim verus est Agnus, qui ábstulit peccáta mundi

Qui mortem nostram moriéndo destrúxit et vitam resurgéndo reparávit.

Friend and reader: I wish you, your family, and all your loved ones a very happy Easter.

I’ve been to Japan more than a dozen times. William’s been there once. And he still gets to try the hot springs before I do.

In my defence, I’ve never been particularly interested in onsen bathing (not enough to actually take a dip, anyway). But there you are.


Greeting the new year K-ON style

Diego happily wishes you all the best in the year ahead. ~(‾⌣‾~)

Et hoc vobis signum…

…Inveniétis infántem pannis involútum, et pósitum in præsépio.

(From the Gospel according to St. Luke)

A very happy Christmas to you, gentle reader, as well as to your family and all your loved ones.