I don’t care a whit about Love Live or Hanayo…

…but rice in a bottle? Sold!

No, seriously. Rice is only ever sold in bags where I come from, but a large plastic bottle seems like the perfect vessel for storing a batch of top-grade Uonuma Koshihikari. I can simply pour out as much as I need and cap off the rest. Easy peasy.

And I don’t give a hog’s bristle as to whose face they plaster over the label. I’m too busy ogling those perfect, beautifully formed grains inside to even notice.

Incidentally, I’ve tasted Uonuma Koshihikari a couple of times during my trips to Japan. Good quality, sure, and far better than the usual type I eat back home, but not all that different from regular Koshihikari. I wouldn’t bother paying a premium for it.

Okay, random lunatic spiel over. (What was I even talking about?) Good night.

100 episodes of laughter, tears … and a whole lot of love

Congratulations to my favourite reality series for reaching the hundred episode mark!

All the best to the production team, the tireless “dinosaur uncles” (fellow fans will know whom I’m referring to), the mums, the dads … and most of all to the real stars of the show, past and present alike.

New pictures of the refurbished EVA-themed 500-series bullet train

Kyodo News recently posted a video on YouTube with new exterior and interior shots of the EVA-themed 500-series shinkansen train that was announced back in July.

The Asahi Shimbun also has their own coverage here.

As I wrote in one of my previous posts, the 500 series is a rather old shinkansen model, but the new livery and refreshed interiors are a great way of giving this ageing train a new lease on life.

Anyway … less talk, more pictures. Hop over to those videos and learn more about this new – or old-made-new-again – high-speed train.

Coming soon to a JR station near you – the EVA train makes an appearance


The 500 series shinkansen is pretty old as far as high-speed Japanese trains go – I’ve travelled on this type before and wasn’t particularly impressed.

But man, it’s amazing what a new paint job can do.

For more on the original announcement of this special shinkansen service, click here.

I’m a little ashamed to admit it, but I’ve always thought that fly swatters were for swatting flies…

…and then I saw this video (more specifically the part from 1:48 onwards).

I can’t believe I’ve been using them the wrong way my entire life!

Just a little over a month to go…

…and my yearning for Neo Venezia grows stronger by the day.

Giant mecha in bullet train form – or is it the other way around?


An interesting bit of news, courtesy of a well-informed chap in a Japanese railway forum I happen to be a member of: JR West are breathing new life into their ageing 500 series shinkansen fleet by giving it an Eva-themed makeover.

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