The Reich Strikes Back

Warning: The embedded video contains some strong language.

Most Hitler parodies (specifically of the Der Untergang variety) are in very poor taste, badly edited, lacking in humour, crude, vulgar . . . I can let loose a stream of invective here that would drown out even Der Führer’s infamously loud rants of lunacy.

This one, on the other hand, I found a rather entertaining watch. And I haven’t even seen either of the two films this was pieced together from.

Makes me want to splice together my own parody: a Day of Sagittarius face-off between Der Führer and the SOS Brigade.

4 Responses

  1. Heh, those parodies are endless!

    Der Führer and the SOS Brigade.

    haha That would be crazy 😛

    • A crazy fun watch, I expect (provided it’s well done). I actually hope some AMV/MAD enthusiast is hard at work in his secret lair right now, stitching together the ultimate battle between the H man and the Beast of North High.

  2. haha this has got to be one of the most heavily parodied movie scene ever.

    • Indeed. Much of it doesn’t stray far above the realm of cheap toilet humour, but from time to time one manages to spot a few gems hidden in all that muck.

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