Goodbye, 2009 – and thank you.


Three hours till midnight. 8,757 hours to look back on.

(And since I am not an atomic clock, the remaining 5.81277 hours can take a hike.)

I’m in no mood to burden the readership with a lengthy reminiscence like last year’s. The past twelve months have been quite eventful, but where the anime enthusiast’s side of my life is concerned, my experiences can be summarised thus:

I saw some shows. I read some manga. I went to that place.

Thanks for the memories, 2009. Now I’m off to make a whole bunch of new ones.

An escort of karate ladies? No, thank you.

The BBC reports that thirty years ago, the British government turned down a Japanese offer to provide a security detail of 20 “karate ladies” to then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on the occasion of her June 1979 visit to Tokyo.

A few juicy excerpts from the newly released letter:

Sir John said that Mrs Thatcher will attend the summit as prime minister and not as a woman per se and he was sure that she would not want these ladies; press reaction in particular would be unacceptable.

The prime minister would like to be treated in exactly the same manner as the other visiting Heads of Delegation . . . If other delegation leaders, for example are each being assigned 20 karate gentlemen, the Prime Minister would have no objection to this; but she does not wish to be singled out.

Now if the proposed escort had been staffed with sword-wielding kendo enthusiasts clad in armour, perhaps Mrs. Thatcher would have been persuaded to reconsider.

Source: “Japan planned ‘karate ladies’ escort for Thatcher” (BBC News)

Final season of ARIA due out in March 2010


This news is a little old, but worth giving a bump in eager anticipation of the upcoming release.

A couple of weeks ago, RightStuf announced on their official site that the third and final series of the ARIA franchise, ARIA the Origination, will hit store shelves on the 2nd of March 2010. The box set will include all thirteen episodes of the series AND the 2007 TV special Aria the OVA ~Arietta~.

For more information and updates, visit the official website.

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot.

This blog turned three earlier this month.

Happy birthday, old friend.

Here’s a stocking stuffer for the dedicated ARIAphile (artbook review alert)

Avvenire_ARIA_Artbook 001

We ARIA fans can be a picky lot. If you’re saddled (cursed?) with one of us on your shopping list, play it safe with a copy of ARIA the Illustration – Avvenire, a compilation of artwork related to the ARIA anime series.

Read the full text of my review on Wolf Hurricane.

What a wonderful Christmas present this would have made

Alas, we shall have to wait until next year.

Dominus dixit ad me . . .

. . . Fílius meus es tu, ego hódie génui te.

Diego wishes you and your family a very happy Christmas. (^_^)

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