Gone south for sake of work

The Reluctant Jetsetter

I’m flying to Singapore in a few days’ time and I’ll stay there for several weeks. It’s a work-related trip, but I’ll have the weekends off so I’ll put in a spot of sightseeing while I’m there. Information on otaku hotspots and events in the city-state will of course be appreciated. (The last time I was in town, my hobby-related activities consisted only of brief shopping trips to Kinokuniya and KKnM.)

As with my journey to Japan earlier this year, whether or not this blog goes into a brief hiatus for the duration of my trip depends mainly on whether or not I can find a cheap (read: free) internet connection. Worst-case scenario: expect an update after I return home.


7 Responses

  1. Have fun on this trip 🙂

    Aha! Posting a picture of this photojournalist clearly uncovers your plans to visit some suspicious kitty-dwelling karaoke places! 😛

  2. Bah, you still get to go to Kinokuniya any weekend, which beats the rather staid (otaku) life here. As for internet, if you can’t get a connection for a while, you can always write offline and then drop by an internet cafe for posting.

  3. @Kitsune: Heh, I’ll keep a sharp eye out for stray kitties then. But in all likelihood, the only place they’ll take me to is the local animal shelter.

    @Zeroblade: True enough. (Although going is one thing, spending is another.) All the same, I still hope I’ll run into a convention or anime film festival or something of that kind.

    As for internet access, I’m being booked into a fairly high-end hotel – the kind that probably offers broadband services – so it’s quite likely that I’ll manage to stay connected.

  4. (If it’s not too late reading this)
    I presume you’ll be going to the Kino in Orchard, but the one near Clarke Quay’s also not bad. Internet is not an issue in S’pore, but I doubt you’ll encounter any anime events

    Have fun 😀

  5. @Legionarion Conquistadorz: (No worries, it isn’t too late – I’m scheduled to leave a couple of days from now.)

    Thanks for the tip. I’ve yet to do a detailed map survey of the area around my hotel, but Clarke Quay is probably closer to it than Orchard. I could nip down there for a quick browse or two after work on weeknights, and save the main branch for Saturdays.

  6. Hmmm… Good chance to make good use of that netbook 😉

  7. @Xcomp: Oh, it’ll get its fair share of torture – web browser, extended memory for my camera, charging conduit for my iPod . . .

    Hope it lasts the full three weeks!

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