Returning to Neo Venezia in 2010


Even the finest acts must eventually come to an end. But I’d sure like to be there when the curtain drops, so I can rise to my feet and join in the thunderous applause.

Nozomi Entertainment have just announced that they will release a box set containing the last series of the ARIA anime franchise sometime next year. It’s very welcome news indeed, as I’ve already made my way through the first two seasons – both absolutely incredible – and, given the harsh economic climate (compounded by the lack of any fresh announcements), I’ve been fast losing hope of the third season seeing an R1 DVD release anytime soon.

I would have hoped to see more of Aria before the end of this year, but one can’t have everything. Moreover, in view of the very serious challenges that production and distribution companies are currently facing, this is probably the best that one can hope for and I’m very grateful for it.

Tip of the hat to Anime News Network for relaying the good news.