Deus, qui hanc sacratíssimam noctem veri lúminis fecísti illustratióne claréscere…

…da, quǽsumus; ut, cuius lucis mystéria in terra cognóvimus, eius quoque gáudiis in coelo perfruámur.

A very happy Christmas to you, gentle reader, as well as to your family and all your loved ones.

Scimus Christum surrexísse a mórtuis vere

Tu nobis, victor Rex, miserére.

Friend and reader: I wish you, your family, and all your loved ones a very happy Easter.

Still alive, still reading manga, still watching anime.

Just couldn’t be bothered to write about it. (^_^)

Yep, I wanted to drop a note for visitors who might be wondering what abyss I’ve fallen into, given the silence that’s been reigning in these parts for the past year or so. As the title states, I still dip into the good stuff now and then – it’s just that what little free time I’ve got is invested mainly in travel, as well as writing about travel. (Mainly about Japan, needless to say.)

That said, I do miss the good old days of engaging with the broader anime community – even in a limited way – by expressing my thoughts about our shared interests. Hopefully I can drop by a little more frequently, and write at greater length.

Till the next post, cheerio.

Redemptiónem misit Dóminus pópulo suo…

…mandávit in ætérnum testaméntum suum.

A very happy Christmas to you, gentle reader, as well as to your family and all your loved ones.

I was actually looking for news about the recent floods and quake…

…but then I came across this, and my mood instantly lifted.

Ahh, sweet memories.

I don’t usually stay in capsule hotels, but this might lure me back

I take a very dim view of objectionable fanservice, so this recently reported promotional campaign involving one of my favourite anime series will remain firmly in the “wait-and-see” category until more information becomes available. That said, if the final result is all in good taste, I’d be tempted to break away from my routine use of business-level hotels whilst holidaying in Japan (at least for one night or two) just for the chance to share in the experience.

After all, I’ve already stayed with this particular capsule hotel chain (albeit in another branch) so I have a half-decent idea of what to expect, facilities wise.

Didn’t think I’d get back into the sports anime genre…

…but then I discovered Haikyū!! on Netflix.