More doujinshi for the iPod Touch

Anime News Network reports that realglobe Inc. is now selling digitised versions of doujinshi on the iTunes App Store. The works of seven artists have been released to date, including the doujinshi Throw Line featuring the art of Murata Renji (“Range Murata”). Murata’s character designs have featured in Last Exile and, more recently, Shangri-La.

Prices range from US$0.99 to US$1.99.

Coming after the debut of Abe Yoshitoshi’s doujinshi on the iTunes App Store (as well as the release of several manga titles from other authors), this welcome news should be music to the ears of iPod Touch/iPhone-armed manga enthusiasts everywhere. Even though I won’t add Murata’s doujinshi to my collection anytime soon – the art is too close to ecchi for my tastes – the fact that well-known artists are now releasing their works through this medium raises the prospect of even more manga and doujinshi debuts in the future.

Image credit: Abe Yoshitoshi, from a blog entry announcing the debut of Yakkyoku no Pochiyama-san on the iTunes App Store. A higher-res version (800×800) can be accessed through Abe’s original post.