I was actually looking for news about the recent floods and quake…

…but then I came across this, and my mood instantly lifted.

Ahh, sweet memories.

A quick look at K-ON! The Movie

My copy of K-ON! The Movie arrived yesterday, but – surprise surprise – it took me a good 24 hours or so to finally scrape together just enough energy to pop the disc into my PS3.

I might put together a more comprehensive review (including the physical product) in the next few days (EDIT: make that a few weeks – sorry chaps but that’s what work-related stress does to you), but for the moment, here’s what I thought of the film.

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Counting down . . .

. . . to my next, long-overdue – but hopefully not final – dose of K-ON.

Amazon’s got a date now, so it’s only a matter of time.


Gentle reader, if you’re on the hunt for a birthday present . . .

. . . or, to be precise, a birthday present for me . . .

. . . I’d like to reward you with a hint.

Probably won’t be out in time, but I’m quite willing to wait.


Ave atque vale

Work, exhaustion, a complete lack of energy – I can recite a whole litany of excuses to explain away my not having seen The 24th when it first came out a week ago.

Granted, this might not be the very last (we have two more episodes before the curtain falls with dread finality), but it does seem a fitting place to say my farewells.

Especially to my favourite of the lot.

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Toyosato or bust

I came within a short train journey of this little town in Shiga last year, but as far as I was concerned at the time, it might as well have never existed.

Come November, barring a surrender to the temptations of Venice, I may find myself drawing a big red circle round its name on a map.

What a difference one television series makes.

And now, a word from our masters

Too tired to think, too weary to blog.

Regular posting will resume just as soon as the stress-liquefied mush sloshing about my cranium congeals into something vaguely resembling a functioning human brain.