Diego’s day at St Paul’s Outside the Walls

As I still can’t drum up the energy to type out a decent blog entry, let’s make do with posting a few more pictures from my Italian holiday last year.

Today, let’s have a look round one of Rome’s greatest ancient basilicas, the church of St Paul’s Outside the Walls.

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Diego’s day in Castello, Venice

I’ve always had the intention of blogging actively about my travels. As to why that noble intention hasn’t translated into a regular series of travel posts . . . well, I can name any number of excuses: work, acedia, bubonic plague, global warming, etc. (All right, scratch the third one, and I profess a contrarian’s views when it comes to the fourth. But we’ll let the first two stand.)

I haven’t given up entirely on the whole enterprise though, so let’s have another crack at it – this time with a brief account of my November 2011 walk through the back streets of Castello in Venice.

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There and back again

. . . and, in due course, perhaps there once more.

In search of the real Neo Venezia


Diego’s off to the land of undines, feline executives, and golden sunsets for a much-needed half-month round of rest and recuperation.

Not that I’m expecting to find any actual undines, feline executives, or (in this rather chilly season) golden sunsets. No matter – what this sublimely beautiful country does have to offer will no doubt be well worth the long journey.

Assuming the transport strikes and gladiatorial politics don’t mess things up too badly, that is.