Chasing after cherries


Flowering cherries, that is.

Whilst a decent figurative title under other circumstances, it now reflects the literal truth for many a prospective traveller to Japan this spring (myself included). Unseasonably warm temperatures sweeping across large parts of the country have triggered a much earlier start to 2013’s hanami season than originally anticipated, with places such as Tokyo seeing their trees break out into clouds of white and pink as early as mid-March. This will likely scupper the travel plans of quite a few visitors who have planned and booked their holidays around older forecasts, sending them – yes, as titled – chasing after wherever the blooming might still be in progress within striking distance of their original destinations.

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Cherry blossom eye candy


No time for a wordy post, but here are a few choice pictures from yesterday’s morning stroll through Ueno Park. Click to enlarge.

Note that the sakura aren’t in full bloom yet; give them a few more days or so. My hope is that they’ll have opened up more by the time I reach Kyoto on Monday.

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