Unboxing Time of Eve (Blu-ray)

Before I hit the sack and dream happy dreams about the coming weekend — savouring thoughts of a much-needed respite from the drudgery of the daily grind — I’ll take a few moments to dust off the cobwebs from this long-neglected blog with a quick unboxing session.

Today the spotlight falls (mmm, how long has it been since I last wrote those words?) on the just-released Blu-ray box set of the theatrical version of Eve no Jikan.

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68 days to release date . . .

. . . and the wait is killing me.

Eve no Jikan 04 now streaming on Crunchyroll

The long-awaited fourth act of Eve no Jikan is now available – with English subtitles – to viewers outside Japan. Click here to access the video stream on Crunchyroll.

Eve no Jikan 04 now streaming on Yahoo! Japan


The fourth installment of Eve no Jikan – titled NAMELESS – is now streaming on Yahoo! Japan (playable only on computers with Japanese IP addresses). According to the official website, this episode will be made available worldwide via Crunchyroll from 10AM Japan Standard Time on Sunday, 03 May.

In related news, Anime News Network recently reported that the entire series will be screened in Japanese cinemas after production on the first season wraps up. This is the first time I’ve heard of seasonal references to the ONA project, and it’s certainly music to my ears as it raises the prospect of more Eve no Jikan goodness beyond the six acts currently planned.

Tip of the hat to icie for the much-appreciated reminder. I’ve known about the 01 May release date for some time but it completely slipped my mind.

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Studio Rikka all-night screening on 28 March – more details now available


So, you lads couldn’t get tickets either, huh? Guess there’s nothing left for us to do but juice up on Evlend, stay up all night and listen to myself babble like a broken record.

More details have emerged about the all-night screening of Studio Rikka films scheduled to take place at Theatre Shinjuku on Saturday, 28 March 2009. In addition to the first three acts of Eve no Jikan (Time of Eve, 2008-ongoing), the screening will feature the earlier Yoshiura Yasuhiro films Kikumana (2001), Mizu no Kotoba (Aquatic Language, 2002) and Pale Cocoon (2006). If I’m reading the event listing correctly (someone better in JP than I am help me out here!), it appears that an advance sale of the third Eve no Jikan DVD will also take place at the same event.

The doors will open at a quarter to midnight and the event is expected to begin when the clock strikes twelve – or, this being Japan, when the digital display flashes 24:00:00. Tickets will be sold through Ticket Pia at JPY2,800 each.

I will be in Tokyo on the 28th, although I’m not optimistic about my chances of landing a ticket since I’m scheduled to arrive just a few days before the event; by that time they’ll probably be sold out. Naturally, I plan to try my luck anyway.

Anyone out there knows how to purchase a pass from Ticket Pia (and if there’s an outlet somewhere in the Ueno area)? I’ve heard their tickets can be purchased through the Loppi machines in Lawson stores, but I’m not sure about this.

Note: Tip of the hat to icie for first mentioning this event back in January.

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So this is where Rikuo’s been going lately . . .


I stumbled upon the Custom Receipt Maker through another site and was eager to give it a go.

Some notes:
* I haven’t the foggiest idea how much a cup of Evlend costs. (I just pulled these prices out of the blue.)
* The receipt generator won’t accept Japanese characters. (I tried.)
* You can type in any currency you want for the itemised prices, but the total will be displayed only in dollars. (You can choose not to generate a total in the first place.)

2008 fall anime season write-up

It’s that time of year again. Trees will shed their leaves, birds will flee to warmer climes – and otaku will barricade themselves in their rooms with ample supplies of Cup Ramen and bottled water.

The fall season is nigh!

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