To the ends of the earth and back


Truth be told, I didn’t have anything special planned for Global Shinkai Day 2012. With a long week of hard work just behind me and the thought of yet another week at the white-collar salt mines clouding the horizon ahead, I felt in no mood to celebrate anything and frittered away a good chunk of the daylight hours playing Final Fantasy XIII-2. (A monumental waste of time, that game . . . but let’s save that horror story for another day.) Moreover, Shinkai’s films have rarely failed to send me into a state of unaccountable melancholy and, under the circumstances, would have been more akin to poison rather than antidote where my depression was concerned.

Achingly beautiful they might be, but a cure for acedia they are most assuredly not.

Then I remembered that I’ve had a Blu-ray copy of his latest work for months now, and I was reminded of the fact that after a quick unboxing session (read about it here) it’s done little in that time but gather dust in a bookcase somewhere in my library.

Well, that’s the problem of “what to do for Global Shinkai Day” all sorted out.

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Unboxing Hoshi o Ou Kodomo (Blu-ray)

A week after leaving Italy with a lifetime’s worth of incredible memories in tow (more on those in future posts), Diego quietly slips back into his old otaku ways with a quick unboxing session.

Today the spotlight falls on the limited edition Blu-ray release of Shinkai Makoto’s 2011 film Hoshi o Ou Kodomo.

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