Worth paying full price for the case alone

If I’m fortunate enough to get my hands on this, it will be the pride of my collection.

And that’s just on purely aesthetic grounds.

Unboxing Evangelion: 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone

My first Blu-ray disc.


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New genre, new technology

In an older version of my About page, I included “no robots/mecha” as one of the stringent criteria I apply when choosing anime series to follow.

My distrust of mecha-themed titles has not entirely dissipated, but I’ve been sufficiently swayed by positive reviews of a certain recent film to place an order for it on Amazon.com.

Incidentally, this will be my very first Blu-ray acquisition.

The disc is scheduled for release on 9th March. That leaves me one month in which to buy a player that can actually read it.