Yes, I am sorry to report that they’re still selling it

Remember that gut-busting, heart-massacring, quadruple-bypass-on-a-plate menu item that KFC released in the Philippines a few days ago?

Until a few hours ago, I could have laughed it off as a slightly early (or horribly late) April Fools’ Day joke…

…but that ceased to be a viable option when I saw an image of the beast on the menu of a KFC restaurant in my neighbourhood. (Yes, this is new – I snapped the picture earlier today.) It seems the, er, thing has graduated from the initial 2-day trial phase and is now seeing a much wider – perhaps longer term – release.

Double Down Dog - of death

But wait, it gets better! Or worse, depending on your sense of humour and the state of your arteries. Shift your eyes downwards just a wee bit and see what they’re advertising directly underneath that thing.

As the parody persona of a certain Eastern philosopher might say: “Man who eat double down dog is dead man.”

And in case you were wondering, I had bibimbap for lunch instead … which is why I regret to report that I’m still very much alive.


A new manga mine opens in Makati


I’m bogged down with work so there won’t be a lot of updates this week. I wasn’t even planning on putting up a new post tonight, but I found something nice on my usual lunchtime walk and I figured it might be of some interest to readers in my corner of the world.

I was ambling through Glorietta in Makati when I came across a banner trumpeting the recent arrival of a new store called Planet X Comics. Not being a comic person, I glanced away almost immediately and only realised a few steps on that where there’s comic books, there’s bound to be manga. I veered off my fixed walking course and headed for the location advertised in the banner, somewhere on the third floor. Sure enough, they had a whole row of glass-fronted bookcases lined with manga (just make a hard right at the entrance and head for the far wall). It wasn’t the biggest selection I’d seen – the Bonifacio High Street branch of Fully Booked has a firm hold on that distinction – but it was clearly the best in the area, and even though they didn’t have anything I wanted at the time I marked down the store for future reference. The “new arrivals” list (updated weekly) was rich in manga that had just been released in the U.S., so I’m optimistic that their collection will be kept up to date.

After I got home, a quick Google search revealed that the store’s opening was already old news to the comic book collecting community: the ribbon was cut on 27 September, and they even had a few (Filipino) Marvel artists on hand for book signings.

So if you’re in Makati and desperate for a manga fix, I’d recommend paying this store a visit. (Details from Glorietta 4, Third Floor; 7283347/7283348.)

Night at the Movies – Eiga Sai 2008

Mark your calendars: this year’s Eiga Sai kicks off tonight with an invitational screening of We Shall Overcome Someday.

Anime enthusiasts will want to block off the 26th and 27th of July for the J-Pop Anime Matsuri, which will feature three animated films – including the highly acclaimed 2006 movie Toki o Kakeru Shoujo.

Screening times, synopses and other details are available at the official website of the Japan Foundation (Manila).

From the Japan Foundation’s official website:
Press Release
Flyer (PDF document with film synopses and a full timetable)
Screening Schedule

Peso for your thoughts

I was going through my huge anime backlog when I saw something that really made my day.

From Bamboo Blade episode 10, originally aired in December 2007.

Kirino: “That’s right! She met someone from her past that she didn’t want to see, and I bet one peso on that!”
Kuwahara: “Peso?”
Kirino: “Un, peso peso.”

Miyazaki: “Your answer is correct. Here’s one peso.”

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