I didn’t know Fegelein did Korean movies, too.

I say, this chap does get around, doesn’t he?

Depending on how much screen time he gets, this could be yet another Hitler-rant parody gold mine.

That aside, Korean history is one of my areas of interest, so the film’s depiction of the Gwangju Uprising alone is a major selling point as far as I’m concerned.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the movies…

…and truth be told, nothing that’s been released lately has managed to do much more than lightly pique my interest. Case in point: despite being something of a fan of Shinkai Makoto’s previous works, I never bothered to watch 君の名は。 even once in the three times that I visited Japan since it was released there in August 2016. (I did go so far as to look up cinema schedules for it on a free evening in Tōkyō, but didn’t follow through.)

Ah, but this particular film might have just enough appeal to break my long drought when it enters local cinemas next month. The visual aesthetic isn’t really my cup of tea, but the theme most certainly is, especially since I’m currently blogging about a long 2016 holiday in Japan that included Hiroshima.

Eiga chirashi – the cheapskate’s best choice for a souvenir to give his mates when coming back from Japan

Eiga Chirashi

Fukuoka, Japan. Friday, the 27th of March 2015. I popped into a cinema and plonked down 1,300 yen for a ticket to see the new live-action Ansatsu Kyōshitsu (“Assassination Classroom”) movie. Nothing more to say about that here, except that I might – or might not – bother to write a review in due course.

Before the appointed screening time, I wandered about in the cinema lobby…

…and struck gold.

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Okay, time to nitpick about a recent animated movie . . .

. . . and boy, have I got one massive nit to pick.

Before that, let me say it out straight: GREAT movie. I mean . . . mm, I’d love to make use of a well-known phrase involving a pair of human appendages posed vertically in such a way as to indicate approval, but I hear it’s been copyrighted and I’m in no mood to go to court. Anyway, good stuff.

Now here comes the nit. Let me get the shotgun ready.

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My reason says it’s not a good film . . .

. . . but my heart says otherwise.

My reason tells me that they tried to do too much with too little time.

My reason tells me that they’ve reduced major characters to mere accessories, and teasingly dangled the merest whispers of soul-searingly tragic backstories whilst ultimately leaving them untold.

But man, those sword-fights were awesome. And as we all know, awesome sword-fights trump all other considerations.

The heart wins this one.

Back-to-back screening of Shinkai films in Manila on 20 July 2013

As part of the celebrations to mark the Philippines-Japan Friendship Month 2013 and
the 40th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation, the Japanese Embassy in the Philippines is co-sponsoring a screening of Shinkai Makoto’s films The Place Promised in Our Early Days and 5 Centimeters Per Second.

According to a press release on the Embassy website, the event will take place at SM CINEMA Center Stage, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City on the 20th of July, 2013, from 1 to 5 PM.

Which means that unless the schedule changes, anime fans in the Manila area will have one more reason to haul themselves out of bed before dusk come next Saturday.


The live-action adaptation I probably won’t live to see

There’s a certain anime series from a few years back that I’ve been wanting to see turned into a live-action film. (No, not the one in the picture.) Whispers of an adaptation have surfaced now and again, but nothing concrete has ever come out of the rumour mill. (There was something a few months ago . . . nah, let’s not bring that up again, probably just another disappointment in the making.) Deprived of a real-world silver-screen version, from time to time I’d simply dive straight into the depths of my own imagination and conjure up images of what the film might look like, and play them at will in the world’s best theatre – the one sitting inside my head.

Naturally, I’d need an appropriate soundtrack playing in the background to complete the experience. For this, I turn to the limitless gold mine of AMVs on YouTube.

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