Fancy meeting you in Nagoya, my fair undines


Whilst holidaying in Nagoya a few weeks ago, I popped into an Animate store not far from my hotel. I certainly didn’t expect to find this mere moments after stepping inside.

Full write-up and review to follow … well, maybe. Time and energy permitting.


One more for the Tōhoku sightseeing list

I’m heading south and west for my next visit to Japan, but I’ve already begun to sketch out future plans for the north-east – a region I’ve only been to a couple of times in the last few years. I’ll see if I can squeeze in this rather interesting-looking manga museum, which until today I didn’t even know existed (and probably never would have if I hadn’t come across an article about it in the Asahi Shimbun).

Not exactly Poirot on the Orient Express, but it’s a train and it’s got a detective on it anyway

08Jul15 001 Meitantei Conan Train Matsue Station Shimane Japan

Spotted last Wednesday at Matsue Station whilst I was waiting for a later train: a JR West KiHa 126 decked out in full Conan finery.

October 3rd? Sure, let me pencil that in…

I’ve been following news of this adaptation, on and off, since last year.

On the one hand, this isn’t exactly one of my favourite series. I remember dropping the manga fairly early in its run and waiting for the final tankōbon to come out … just so that I can buy it and find out what happened to everyone in the end. (Wikipedia and snippets of spoilers here and there sufficed to fill in the gap.)

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Eiga chirashi – the cheapskate’s best choice for a souvenir to give his mates when coming back from Japan

Eiga Chirashi

Fukuoka, Japan. Friday, the 27th of March 2015. I popped into a cinema and plonked down 1,300 yen for a ticket to see the new live-action Ansatsu Kyōshitsu (“Assassination Classroom”) movie. Nothing more to say about that here, except that I might – or might not – bother to write a review in due course.

Before the appointed screening time, I wandered about in the cinema lobby…

…and struck gold.

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Well, it’s not like ready-to-eat eringi just slide by when one needs them…

…so if one is determined to survive in the RPG universe, it pays to be flexible with one’s diet.

Thankfully, a recent manga series (tip of the hat to ANN for the news) stands ready to teach the starving dungeon-crawling masses such essential skills as preparing emergency rations out of slime and turning scorpions into a palatable dish.

I just hope the book comes with some great chocobo recipes. There’s got to be a better way of cooking those birds than instantly roasting them with a blast from a mage’s staff – tends to leave them too crispy you know…

Diego’s day at COMITIA 107


More than three years after his first dōjin convention experience, Diego darkens the halls of Tōkyō Big Sight a second time in search of art to appreciate. (Or heap quiet mental scorn upon.)

Here’s his account of COMITIA 107.

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