I don’t usually stay in capsule hotels, but this might lure me back

I take a very dim view of objectionable fanservice, so this recently reported promotional campaign involving one of my favourite anime series will remain firmly in the “wait-and-see” category until more information becomes available. That said, if the final result is all in good taste, I’d be tempted to break away from my routine use of business-level hotels whilst holidaying in Japan (at least for one night or two) just for the chance to share in the experience.

After all, I’ve already stayed with this particular capsule hotel chain (albeit in another branch) so I have a half-decent idea of what to expect, facilities wise.



New promotional art and other details have gone up on the official COMITIA website for the dōjinshi convention’s 107th iteration, scheduled to take place on the 2nd of February 2014. I’m planning to attend this one as part of a two-week winter holiday, moving on to Sapporo afterwards for the Yuki Matsuri and other snow festivals in nearby cities.

To know more about the event and what to expect, check out this post documenting my attendance at COMITIA 94.

Diego’s day at Shinjuku Gyoen

Still too worn out from work to write a proper post, Diego takes it easy and digs a little deeper into his travel archive to pull out some springtime shots.

The place: Shinjuku Gyoen. The date: late March 2009.

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Diego’s day at the Fukagawa Edo Museum

A note to the readership:  I’ve started publishing all of my new travel-related posts in a separate blog, Within Striking Distance. You’re more than welcome to drop by over there and see where I’ve been jetting off to lately. (^_^)

Step back in time and relive the Edo period in one of Tokyo’s best history museums.

Today the spotlight falls on the Fukagawa Edo Museum.

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Diego’s day at COMITIA 94

More than a month after the event, my head is still buzzing from the amazing experience I had at my very first convention.

Here’s Diego’s account of COMITIA 94.

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Sign me up for the next COMITIA

Then again, probably not the next one. (I’ll need time to replenish my Japan Excursion Fund after Spring 2009’s bank-busting visit.) But if they’ve got one slated for the second half of November 2010 or thereabouts, I’m game.

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Reshaping Tokyo – one webpage at a time


We're rebuilding Tokyo. Care to lend a hand?

As its Collaboration of the Month project for November 2009, the denizens of the free online travel website Wikitravel have embarked on an important endeavour: bringing order to the massive accumulation of district entries and information pages that collectively make up the Tokyo travel guide.

Like Wikipedia, Wikitravel allows anyone to contribute and edit information, so I’d encourage readers to jump in – or, to use site parlance, “plunge forward” – and help make the project a success. Whether it’s the address of a hole-in-the-wall manga shop or a new travel guide for an entire district, any helpful contribution is welcome, no matter how big or small.