Diego’s day at Jōjakkō-ji

A picture gallery of autumn foliage taken during Diego’s November 2010 visit to Jōjakkō-ji, in Kyōto’s Arashiyama district.

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The K-ON guide to Kyoto

I’d much rather have an undine for a travel guide, but alas, Kyoto is a little short on canals.

We’ll have to settle for the HTT girls instead.

(Man, I love second choices.)

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Ahh, sweet memories

I should probably take notes whilst observing the HTT girls during next week’s school trip. I’m hoping they’ll lose themselves somewhere I didn’t visit last year, as the reconnaisance may prove helpful when I return this November.

Japan 2009 Highlights: Kinkaku-ji

Kyoto_01_April_2009 220

I spent a good few minutes trying to think of a pithy introduction for this post. I failed.

And that pretty much sums up the sort of reaction seeing this national treasure for the first time can evoke in a person.

Don’t talk. Just look.

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Japan 2009 Highlights: Kyoto Imperial Palace

Kyoto_31_March_2009 119

A note to the readership:  I’ve started publishing all of my new travel-related posts in a separate blog, Within Striking Distance. You’re more than welcome to drop by over there and see where I’ve been jetting off to lately. (^_^)

Diego spends a few moments within the stately confines of the Emperor’s former home.

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Japan 2009 Highlights: Kyoto International Manga Museum


Not interested in fossils, paintings or broken pottery? Try this museum – it’s got nothing but manga.

Lots and lots of manga.

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Japan 2009 Highlights: Fushimi-Inari-taisha

Kyoto_01_April_2009 280

Today, I’ll recount one of the most memorable (and bone-chilling) experiences of my journey in Japan: a late-afternoon stroll through the torii of Fushimi-Inari-taisha.

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