New J-drama Review Alert! – Attention Please

What does it take to turn this . . .


. . . into this?


Hop on over to Wolf Hurricane for the full text of my review of the 2006 Japanese comedy series Attention Please.

Mid-season write-up (Part Two)

Otaku cannot live on 2D bunny girls alone, so here’s a piping-hot mid-season helping of live action goodness.

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I’d like an order of subtitles to go with my new drama, please

A few hours of unexpected weekend work have left me feeling utterly knackered. I’ll hammer out a proper write-up just as soon as my overheated brain regains its normal functionality.

For now, give this slick new Saturday offering from NHK a once-over. (The link goes to the official site.) It’s a drama about the last profession on earth one would expect anyone to make a drama about.

And tell someone to put together a decent set of subtitles for it, will you?