Are you a Japanese museum featuring obscure subject matter that’s looking to raise visitor numbers and get rid of unsold past-exhibition catalogues? Here’s something worth looking into…

…because it’s a fact of life that people will visit something they’ve seen or heard about in a game.

And, as it turns out, they’ll buy the old stuff in your museum shop, too.

My brother’s been bugging me to get him one of these – and it’s not the new iPhone.

No, I’m talking about this.

And today, thanks to a brief note on the official site, I’ve learned that he’ll have to wait until next year to get one. (Assuming I manage to seize one of these from a store in Japan before they run out … again.)

Eiga chirashi – the cheapskate’s best choice for a souvenir to give his mates when coming back from Japan

Eiga Chirashi

Fukuoka, Japan. Friday, the 27th of March 2015. I popped into a cinema and plonked down 1,300 yen for a ticket to see the new live-action Ansatsu Kyōshitsu (“Assassination Classroom”) movie. Nothing more to say about that here, except that I might – or might not – bother to write a review in due course.

Before the appointed screening time, I wandered about in the cinema lobby…

…and struck gold.

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Something has just dawned on me . . .

. . . something almost entirely unexpected.

Something I, an RPG sceptic, would once have deemed unthinkable.

I am enjoying Final Fantasy XIII.

Went out to get a Blu-ray player.

Came back with one of these instead.

And this.

Now answer this question. Should I use a pair of scissors or a meat cleaver to put my credit cards hopelessly beyond use?

I don’t think Sony should get my Christmas bonus this year

Thanks for the warning, Adolf.

Owning a piece of (virtual) Tokyo

Since it was launched on 9th September, Monopoly City Streets has seen thousands of armchair real estate magnates snap up hot roadside – or should I say on-road – property all over the world. Built upon Google Maps and the OpenStreetMap database, the free online game gives players $3,000,000 in site currency with which to start purchasing the digital equivalents of the world’s streets, put up buildings on them, accumulate profits from rent and capital gains, and in due course establish a global real estate empire worth billions.

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