I almost forgot this anime series once existed …

… but Nagato’s voice came ringing out of the darkness to remind me of what once was – and what might come to pass again.

Perhaps not a season 3, nor even another movie … but heck, 4,900 yen seems an awfully small price to pay for a welcome dose of nostalgia-inducing music.

お久しぶり, 長門さん.

Two months before the date and I’m already feeling poorer

I’ve wanted to add CLANNAD to my anime video collection almost from the day it first aired. Too bad the R1 release has, so far, been DVD-only.

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Worth paying full price for the case alone

If I’m fortunate enough to get my hands on this, it will be the pride of my collection.

And that’s just on purely aesthetic grounds.

Unboxing Time of Eve (Blu-ray)

Before I hit the sack and dream happy dreams about the coming weekend — savouring thoughts of a much-needed respite from the drudgery of the daily grind — I’ll take a few moments to dust off the cobwebs from this long-neglected blog with a quick unboxing session.

Today the spotlight falls (mmm, how long has it been since I last wrote those words?) on the just-released Blu-ray box set of the theatrical version of Eve no Jikan.

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68 days to release date . . .

. . . and the wait is killing me.

Unboxing Aria the Origination

First of all, an apology to the readership: my long-delayed review of Evangelion 1.11 probably won’t see the light of day for quite some time. Things have been a little crazy around here, so much so that I’ve had to drastically limit the hours I fritter away on the internet. Until today I wasn’t even aware of the recent developments on Random Curiosity (one of my favourite places on the anime blogosphere). Sic transit gloria mundi.

In any case, I shall probably have a little time for a couple of brief posts this weekend, including a quick unboxing session for Right Stuf/Nozomi Entertainment’s DVD release of Aria the Origination.

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New genre, new technology

In an older version of my About page, I included “no robots/mecha” as one of the stringent criteria I apply when choosing anime series to follow.

My distrust of mecha-themed titles has not entirely dissipated, but I’ve been sufficiently swayed by positive reviews of a certain recent film to place an order for it on Amazon.com.

Incidentally, this will be my very first Blu-ray acquisition.

The disc is scheduled for release on 9th March. That leaves me one month in which to buy a player that can actually read it.