Here’s a stocking stuffer for the dedicated ARIAphile (artbook review alert)

Avvenire_ARIA_Artbook 001

We ARIA fans can be a picky lot. If you’re saddled (cursed?) with one of us on your shopping list, play it safe with a copy of ARIA the Illustration – Avvenire, a compilation of artwork related to the ARIA anime series.

Read the full text of my review on Wolf Hurricane.

Arrivederci, Neo Venezia: Amano Kozue’s Cielo (artbook review alert)

Cielo_Amano_Kozue 001

Diego briefly escapes from the drudgery of the white-collar salt mines to bring you another review, served piping hot on the Wolf Hurricane blog.

Today, the spotlight falls on Cielo – the last in a three-volume series of hardbound books featuring the manga art of ARIA author and illustrator Amano Kozue.

Read the full text of my review here.

In Diegospeak, “Kinokuniya” is a verb.


The feeling one gets after spending way, way, way too much

It means “to drive oneself into penury”.

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Venice reimagined: Amano Kozue’s Stella (artbook review alert)


Today on Wolf Hurricane, I talk about Stella – a hardbound artbook featuring the work of ARIA manga author and illustrator Amano Kozue.

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A balm for weary eyes: Amano Kozue’s Alpha (artbook review alert)


Hop on over to Wolf Hurricane and read my new review of Alpha – a hardbound artbook featuring the work of ARIA manga author and illustrator Amano Kozue.

Note: This is one of the three artbooks mentioned in my 06 April post describing the stuff I purchased from Akihabara. Reviews of the other two artbooks will also be published on Wolf Hurricane.

Akihabara booty


Diego catalogues the paltry spoils of his recent incursions into Tokyo’s famed otaku stronghold.

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The Art of Miyazaki’s Spirited Away

Today, DnH takes you on a tour of the Studio Ghibli/Viz Media artbook The Art of Miyazaki’s Spirited Away.

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