October 3rd? Sure, let me pencil that in…

I’ve been following news of this adaptation, on and off, since last year.

On the one hand, this isn’t exactly one of my favourite series. I remember dropping the manga fairly early in its run and waiting for the final tankōbon to come out … just so that I can buy it and find out what happened to everyone in the end. (Wikipedia and snippets of spoilers here and there sufficed to fill in the gap.)

On the other hand, I also remember how much fun it was to watch a live-action adaptation on its home turf, which I finally got to try earlier this year. It was something I’d thought of doing from my very first holiday in Japan, but it wasn’t until my seventh trip there that I actually bothered to step into a cinema. Nothing particularly outstanding about the film – Ansatsu Kyōshitsu, the manga/anime sources of which I didn’t even bother following beforehand – but I derived a certain satisfaction from the experience of viewing something that, up until that time, I’d have only enjoyed much later, after it had been licensed for foreign distribution and had become available in my corner of the world.

I suppose it was a bit like watching anime “live” on Japanese TV, in a Japanese hotel, on Japanese soil, during its initial Japanese broadcast, for the first time. Hardly a life-changing event, but a special little vignette in the life of a foreign anime enthusiast, perhaps because all of the intervening middlemen and cultural filters were conspicuously absent and the experience was at its most immediate … I hesitate to say at its “purest” but one might describe it along those lines.

All that, and the fact that few of the other near-future releases I’ve heard about thus far have succeeded in piquing my interest.

And the fact that I’ll gladly seize upon any excuse, however feeble and contrived, to go back to a country I enjoy visiting more than almost any other on earth.

Right then, the 3rd of October. Let’s hope my boss is feeling generous enough to dispense with my services for a few days.

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