Sure, best intentions and it’s the thought that counts and we meant well and all that . . .

. . . but perhaps this event to honour a giant chocolate portrait of Atobe Keigo could have benefited from a little redesigning.

I mean, come on. Ever heard of balloons? Streamers? Perhaps a bit of confetti here, a splash of dancing clowns there?

Oh no. We must have a tiered offering table draped in white cloth, set against a stark backdrop of black, grey, and white tiles, with flowers laid out in neat rows and fans marshalled into tight queues. And to crown the whole sorry scene, an oversized portrait of the, er, celebrant placed front-and-centre upon an elevated platform.

We’re told that this was meant to be a birthday tribute. But what do those pictures remind you of more – this scene, or this one?

All the lad wanted was a birthday party.

What he got instead was a memorial service.

(Hat tip to ANN for this, um, odd bit of news from the Land of Raw Fish on Rice.)

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