More Yuki Miku at the Yuki Matsuri

09Feb14 Sapporo 011

Far from being a mere side show in this year’s Sapporo Yuki Matsuri, the 2014 Snow Miku promotional campaign was big enough to invade almost every venue with even the slightest connection to the city’s annual festival.

(Time for a quick note: these pictures are all mine, not purloined from someone else’s site! If you’re wondering why the site address stamped on the images is not “animeaffairs”, that’s because I first published them on my travel blog.)

I’ve written about our heroine’s presence at the main Ōdōri Park venue – and you’ll find more background and context on my travel blog – but it’s also worth noting her footholds in other parts of Sapporo.

This includes Sapporo Factory, a major commercial complex built on the site of a historic brewery. During the rest of the year, a visitor would probably find other reasons for coming, such as taking in the sight of the former brewery buildings . . .

09Feb14 Sapporo 007

. . . going for a stroll in the carefully tended indoor garden . . .

09Feb14 Sapporo 017

. . . enjoying a meal or beverage in the great (heated) indoors . . .

09Feb14 Sapporo 013

. . . or browsing amongst the many shops set within its old brick structures.

09Feb14 Sapporo 005

But when the city lays on its massive annual Yuki Matsuri, there’s absolutely no question over who rules these premises. After all, she leaves her mark on just about everything: from banners over corridors (like the ones in the previous picture) to posters on walls and pillars . . .

09Feb14 Sapporo 012

09Feb14 Sapporo 014

09Feb14 Sapporo 016

. . . to wraparound art on the lifts . . .

09Feb14 Sapporo 020

. . . and even special items on menus.

09Feb14 Sapporo 015

Miku fans were also treated to a host of activities and exhibits on the floor of Sapporo Factory’s soaring glass and steel atrium. I arrived quite early when most of the shops were still closed (or only starting to open) and there were still relatively few people about; I imagine this would have changed later in the day when things were in full swing. Note the posters hanging from the balconies on every level – they certainly made it impossible to avoid her, whether or not you knew or cared who she was!

09Feb14 Sapporo 010

09Feb14 Sapporo 011

09Feb14 Sapporo 021

I’ve got my sights set upon a different part of the country for my next annual visit to Japan, but I’d sure like to know what they’ve got planned for the 2015 Yuki Matsuri. One thing’s (almost) for certain: it will be massive. After all – as we’ve already seen – where promoting their leading lady’s concerned, Miku’s backers aren’t likely to take half measures.


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