Spring flowers in autumn

05Apr13 Tsuyama 017

No, Diego hasn’t gone cuckoo – the 5 voices in my head constantly reassure me that I’m as sane as sane can be. (Except this one woman with the shrieking voice; she thinks I’m completely daft.)

This is just to serve formal notice that yours truly has finally finished writing about his fourth trip to Japan, months after returning home. Read more about it on my other blog.

Noteworthy – at least on a personal level – as this is the first time I’ve successfully blogged about any of my foreign holidays from beginning to end. I started to do so after Japan trip #1, but other things got in the way and I never managed to finish it (apart from throwing in the occasional post about specific events during that and my other journeys).

Four times, and a fifth already being planned out for next year. I never knew my anime hobby would carry me all the way to the shores of the Land of Raw Fish on Rice (none of that overused “rising sun” nonsense ’round these parts, mates), much less bear me there and back four times.

This anime stuff is dangerous goods, comrades. Be careful how you handle it . . . one day you might find yourself wandering aimlessly across central Tōkyō without realising you’d left home in the first place.


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