I like travelling alone. That way, I’ve only got one idiot to worry about.

Takaki at Tanegashima Airport

Thus runs the tagline of my new travel blog, Within Striking Distance, also hosted by the friendly servers of wordpress.com.

Given that the present site is – at least nominally – an anime-themed blog, I’ve decided to give my increasingly numerous travelogues a home of their own. All previous travel posts will remain here, and I may even add a few more if it’s to do with trips taken before 01 April 2013. However, anything related to travel done after that date (including my upcoming return visit to Japan, due to commence this evening) will eventually find a place in the new blog.

Just to be clear, the present site will remain active – or at any rate, as active as work, time and energy will permit – except that it will become a bit more focused on its original reason for being. For example, this April’s trip to Japan will be described in detail on the other blog, but if I feel like writing about any anime artbooks or Blu-rays I might acquire during my visit, those posts will end up right here.

Cheerio, and safe journeys everyone.

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