A squid in the net is worth two in the sea.

Several days ago, a whiff of an ugly rumour reached these ears (or rather eyes) of mine: the second season of Shinryaku! Ika Musume might never see the light of day (in the form of an English subtitled release, that is).

And then yesterday, news broke of a possible rescheduling, rather than an outright cancellation.

This is where one might, under different circumstances, gratefully type out the words “and I breathed a sigh of relief” – but I shan’t do so just yet. (Other than to illustrate the point.)

I haven’t been keeping tabs on Media Blasters, but if the comments related to the two articles linked above are anything to go by . . . well, let’s just say their reputation for punctuality in so far as release schedules are concerned isn’t quite up to Japanese railway standards.

So all things considered, perhaps it would be a little premature to break out the champagne. (Or soda water, depending on the age of the readership.) The not-quite-so-old saying up in the post title sums up my guiding principle on this matter.



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