In search of mountains, maples, and maniacal murderous humanoid interfaces

The Reluctant Jetsetter

Diego’s flying out of the country for his much-needed annual holiday. This year’s destination: a certain northerly corner of the world his younger brother playfully calls “Canadia”.

Blogging will be put on hold for a couple of weeks. However, if yours truly happens to run into a certain soft-spoken alien in the guise of a Japanese student and answering to the name of Asakura Ryōko – who rumour has it was transferred to that part of the world – he’ll be sure to let the readership know.

(Just don’t tell her about him being a Yukitard. He’ll be sliced into ribbons for sure.)


2 Responses

  1. You get a thumbs up for the Haruhi joke XD Have fun on your trip~

    • Thanks – as it turned out, I had a wonderful time.

      Saw neither hide nor hair of Asakura on the ground, although I did manage to pick up a Blu-ray of “Disappearance” in Vancouver. I suppose that counts as a sighting?

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