Unboxing Hoshi o Ou Kodomo (Blu-ray)

A week after leaving Italy with a lifetime’s worth of incredible memories in tow (more on those in future posts), Diego quietly slips back into his old otaku ways with a quick unboxing session.

Today the spotlight falls on the limited edition Blu-ray release of Shinkai Makoto’s 2011 film Hoshi o Ou Kodomo.

Please bear in mind that this is just an unboxing session, not a full review. I’m here to show what’s in the package without going into a discussion about the actual film (which I haven’t even seen in full yet). Time and energy permitting, I might put up a detailed post – hopefully with more and better photographs – on Wolf Hurricane in due course.

First, the front of the slipcase.

Next, the contents of the slipcase. Left: the disc case. Centre: a 64-page book containing full-colour preparatory sketches (pretty much a storyboard, although probably not complete). Right: a “flippable” volume containing the first chapter of each of two manga series related to the main feature, from two different mangaka (though Shinkai Makoto is of course credited for the original work on both sides).

The inside of the disc case. The set contains two Blu-ray discs, with the feature film in one and (presumably – I haven’t played the second disc yet) various extras in the other. An information booklet and a small section of film are also included.

A close-up of the filmstrip.

I’ve only played a few minutes’ worth of footage from the main disc, but it’s enough to confirm that this release includes English subtitles – and what little dialogue I’ve heard so far appears to have been reasonably well-translated. (English subtitles are probably available just for the actual film; I doubt the extra disc will have them for the special features.)

I was also quite surprised to find Chinese subtitles included as well – the Amazon.co.jp listing for this product doesn’t seem to mention this. No idea which specific dialect of Chinese is represented here as I don’t speak or read the language, but it’s almost certainly some form of Chinese (I switched this option on and found long strings of kanji with no intervening kana); furthermore the box itself has 中国語字幕 in the list of available subtitles.

A word of caution: the menus and even the English/Chinese subtitle options themselves are all rendered entirely in Japanese, so viewers with only a sketchy knowledge of the language may have some difficulty navigating the discs. (Toggling between subtitle languages should be easy enough, though – just use your player’s remote control unit to directly access these options.)

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