It’s the little things that count

In the midst of all the chatter and excitement surrounding the recent release of Apple’s iOS 5 – to which I dutifully upgraded my iPad a few days ago – one particular enhancement has piqued my interest far more strongly than any of the 200 or so new features that are being touted as part of the renovated software.

It’s not for the operating system itself, but was rolled out for the Pages word processing app as part of a suite of iOS 5-related improvements.

Take a look at the following screencap from a document I typed up a short while ago. Does anything in particular stand out?


Most people probably wouldn’t have noticed its absence, but for anyone wanting to create documents of an academic nature on the iPad, lack of native support for this feature has been a real spanner in the works. Effective workarounds (such as creating a template on a desktop word processor and then opening it within the iPad) have existed for a while, but with the ability to insert these things now built into the slick machinery of the app itself, I can toil away on my draft history of the Third Punic War without having to resort to improvised remedies.

A mere footnote to history? In the grander scheme of things, perhaps – but one can look at this as proof positive that those little upgrades can mean a world of difference to some of us.