Taking a slight detour . . . several thousand miles to the west


When mum caught wind of my plan to spend a couple of weeks in Japan – for the third time in as many years – she said something along these lines:

“Japan? Again? What a terrible waste of money! Why not go somewhere else for a change?”

Of course, there’s a reason why I (and many other travellers smitten by the beauty of the Four Islands) keep going back. There’s just so much to see and experience, I feel as though I could return to Japan every year for the next twenty years and still end up barely scratching the surface. But fair enough – it’s about time I ventured to even farther shores, preferably in a continent I’ve never previously set foot in.

(And then, perhaps, go back to Japan.)

So where am I going this year? Here’s a subtle hint. Well, perhaps not so subtle for those who know what my favourite anime franchise is.

Writing in National Geographic, Cathy Newman once poetically described it as “neither land nor water, but shimmering somewhere in between”. A place where “time is measured by the breath of tides, and space bracketed by water”.


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  1. Ah, you’re lucky that you’re able to go to Japan every year for the past three years. I wish I had the time and money for that! But I have been to Japan twice in the past five years, so that’s something compared to most ^^,,,

    LOL, my mom wouldn’t ask why I’d want to go to Japan again since she knows about my anime love XD

    • Mind if I ask, how was the experience? (I enjoy trading stories with fellow travellers – great way to collect everything from practical tips to ideas on where to go next.)

      Mum knows full well how I enjoy watching anime, though that knowledge probably works against me in this case. Every time I’ve been to Japan, I’ve returned toting bags crammed with (in the eyes of non-anime enthusiasts) “useless” artbooks, manga, videos and other merchandise. Europe probably counts as a “safe” destination in that the nearest Animate branch is safely located thousands of miles out of reach.

      • Both my trips to Japan were great. There’s kind of too much to say for me to comment here, but I made pages on my site for both trips if you’re interested (you can find links on the side bar of my blog under “Special Features.”

  2. Is spending money on tea a waste? No. Because drinking tea is good for the soul, and every time you brew and drink tea it is a little different, every time you learn something about yourself and the world.
    The same thing with traveling to Japan 🙂

    However, Titian would be pleased with your current plan 😛

    I hope you’ll meet a nice undine there 🙂

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