Two months before the date and I’m already feeling poorer

I’ve wanted to add CLANNAD to my anime video collection almost from the day it first aired. Too bad the R1 release has, so far, been DVD-only.

I started buying anime on Blu-ray last year, and since then I’ve never looked back.  Well, almost – the final installment of my beloved Aria franchise was released only on DVD and I was more than happy to make an exception in that case. But for everything else, if it wasn’t available on high-def video then it stood very little chance of landing on my shelves.

Blu-ray releases are far from uncommon in Japan, the very wellspring of anime goodness; the trouble is that there are two near-insurmountable barriers standing between me and their seemingly limitless supply of razor-sharp viewing delights.  The first is the language barrier:  I know Japanese to a limited extent but not well enough to dispense entirely with the need for good English subtitles.  (Dubs, of course, have never been a consideration in my sub-only world.)  The second is the cost barrier:  as anyone who has ever tried to import goods from the Land of Raw Fish on Rice will tell you, it seems that bankrupting the youth through scandalously overpriced merchandise has become a national pastime.  I’ve already written of the stratospheric asking price for CLANNAD‘s first season Blu-ray set here, and I regret to report that the identically priced second season doesn’t give much cause for celebration.  Heap postage and customs duties on top of that pile and you’ll be working double shifts just to dig your way out of debt.

Imagine my delight, then, when I came across this listing on, advertising an upcoming release that would smite both barriers in one fell swoop.

CLANNAD at a non-exploitative price? Best news I’ve had all day.

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