Happy Saturday the 14th!

All right, truth be told, the cause of my present elation was made public yesterday — Friday the 13th — but a major time difference, a long day at work and a late return home meant a limited (read: nonexistent) reaction on this blog.

It’s got nothing to do with anime or manga, so I shan’t speak much of it here; besides, I do rather enjoy keeping a secret or two. No doubt some clever reader will ferret it out before long anyway.

It wasn’t perfect, not by any means. There were some parts I would have preferred to see more strongly worded. And I would’ve been overjoyed to see the universal, unimpeded, complete restoration of the older form in place of the newer form, but alas, it didn’t go that far.

Still, it’s a step in the right direction, and I am profoundly thankful for that.

If I had a bottle of vintage port I’d be taking a (moderate) sip in celebration, but on a hot summer’s day like this, even a glass of cold water can seem a fitting tribute.


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  1. Not sure what happened, but congratulations, it sounds like you had fun 🙂

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