Awesome. Just . . . awesome.

My copy of the US Blu-ray release of Summer Wars arrived yesterday. Freeing it from its box, I popped the disc into a waiting PS3 with the intention of doing a quick-skip through (to check for defects and what-not) before consigning it to my weekend watchlist. Enjoying an evening movie is something I haven’t had much time or energy for recently.

That was the plan, anyway.

In the end, I couldn’t stop watching.

It was easily the best anime film I’ve seen in . . . well, since I started watching anime (pace Nagato and Disappearance). After the credits, I wasn’t just picking my jaw up from the floor – I was crawling around trying to collect various fragments of jaw that had exploded everywhere through sheer delight and exhilaration.

Whether I’ll have time to write a review remains to be seen, but it will go on Wolf Hurricane if it does come out. For now, cheerio.

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  1. I was lucky enough to see in exclusivity the movie in a theater last summer and it was indeed a pretty great movie; I didn’t expect less from the same director as The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.

    • Good for you, seeing it on the big screen – must’ve been amazing. If they ever give it a theatrical release here (right about the time when pigs start sprouting wings) I’ll be fighting for the best seat in the house.

      Here’s looking forward to what Hosoda-sensei’s got planned next.

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