New promotional art and other details have just gone up on the COMITIA website for the convention’s 94th iteration, scheduled on 14th November. I’m planning to attend this one.

Check out the second comment on Daniel Lau’s COMITIA 90 write-up for some advice that may help first-time attendees make the most the experience.

3 Responses

  1. Speaking as a regular-ish attendee I think that one of the important – interesting? – things to note about Comitia is that better than 80% of the attendees there are professional mangaka, basically looking to show off ideas they’ve had that they can’t sell – there’s definitely a conservatism in the Japanese manga market after all.

    • Thanks for sharing that observation. I was expecting to see a large professional contingent, but up till now I was assuming I’d encounter a more distributed mix (or perhaps a bigger chunk consisting of dedicated amateurs).

  2. It depends on what you mean by “professional” – the majority of manga artists are, like the majority of voice actors, not making enough to live on full time. Comike, I think, has a lot more amateurs – but then comike is >90% parody doujin (both all-ages and erotic) which I would suspect fans to get involved, when they may not have the energy to generate 100% original work.

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