Ave atque vale

Work, exhaustion, a complete lack of energy – I can recite a whole litany of excuses to explain away my not having seen The 24th when it first came out a week ago.

Granted, this might not be the very last (we have two more episodes before the curtain falls with dread finality), but it does seem a fitting place to say my farewells.

Especially to my favourite of the lot.

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Worth paying full price for the case alone

If I’m fortunate enough to get my hands on this, it will be the pride of my collection.

And that’s just on purely aesthetic grounds.


New promotional art and other details have just gone up on the COMITIA website for the convention’s 94th iteration, scheduled on 14th November. I’m planning to attend this one.

Check out the second comment on Daniel Lau’s COMITIA 90 write-up for some advice that may help first-time attendees make the most the experience.