Unboxing Time of Eve (Blu-ray)

Before I hit the sack and dream happy dreams about the coming weekend — savouring thoughts of a much-needed respite from the drudgery of the daily grind — I’ll take a few moments to dust off the cobwebs from this long-neglected blog with a quick unboxing session.

Today the spotlight falls (mmm, how long has it been since I last wrote those words?) on the just-released Blu-ray box set of the theatrical version of Eve no Jikan.

Can’t promise a full review anytime in the near future, but I won’t rule it out either.

I’d also like to apologise for the painfully evident glare from my camera’s flash in these images. The lighting in the room where these shots were taken was far from ideal.

Now for the goods.

The header image above is of the box (more a slipcase, really) straight out of the shrink wrap, with a printed sleeve covering the lower part.

Next is an image of the slipcase without the sleeve.

The contents of the slipcase: the disc case and a bonus booklet.

The Blu-ray disc in its case, with the main insert (character profiles) on the left.

A quick flip-through of the bonus booklet revealed a short gallery (one spread shown below) made up of scenes from the main feature, followed by a dialogue/interview about the Eve project.

Most interesting of all, however, is the following.

Billed on the preceding page as an “Original Short Episode” penned by director Yoshiura Yasuhiro, the number “0.5” suggests that this 32-page story is a prequel to the Eve no Jikan anime. In any case, my Japanese reading skills aren’t nearly good enough to take on the text unaided, so I shall probably have to wait for a translation to surface before I can say more.


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