Unboxing Aria the Origination

First of all, an apology to the readership: my long-delayed review of Evangelion 1.11 probably won’t see the light of day for quite some time. Things have been a little crazy around here, so much so that I’ve had to drastically limit the hours I fritter away on the internet. Until today I wasn’t even aware of the recent developments on Random Curiosity (one of my favourite places on the anime blogosphere). Sic transit gloria mundi.

In any case, I shall probably have a little time for a couple of brief posts this weekend, including a quick unboxing session for Right Stuf/Nozomi Entertainment’s DVD release of Aria the Origination.

This is just an unboxing – not a review – so I’ll keep the commentary down to a minimum.

The box set comes in a sturdy cardboard slipcase with a full-colour illustration on either side.

There are five discs in this DVD set: three containing the 13 episodes (plus a special DVD-only episode) of the title series, one for the OVA Arietta, and one bonus disc of extra features.

The set also includes a 47-page booklet, with many pages printed in colour.

I’ve had this set for a couple of weeks, but I’ve done little more than glance at it; the shrink-wrap only came off a few days ago. Such is the shortage of disposable time in my life at the moment.

I do look forward to making my way through this last installment of the Aria anime franchise, though I am not particularly enthusiastic about the prospect of having to bid farewell to a series that, in its all-too-brief sojourn of three seasons, has rarely failed to still the raging waters in the tempest-tossed harbour of my mind.

Sic transit gloria mundi.

6 Responses

  1. I really should just take the plunge and get this if not for the bookmarks, then for being able to watch Alice’s graduation ceremony when she sings that song. When this show aired, that was my favorite episode that came out all year out of all the anime I watched.

    • I ordered mine through Amazon, so no bookmarks for me. RightStuf puts in an extra hurdle or two for first-time international customers – quite reasonable in my view (for fraud prevention and so forth), but a bit of a bother all the same.

      Thanks for remarking on that episode. I look forward to watching it.

  2. Man, you know, I REALLY should get the box sets for the Natural and this >_>
    Also, I think I still haven’t paid you for the box set of the Animation from waaay back then!

  3. Whoops; I ended up commenting with my dad’s account by mistake orz. unitedfurnitures up there is me.

    • Needless to say, I’d encourage you to grab ’em all.

      Incidentally, as of today I still haven’t seen a single second of Origination if you can believe it. I sure could use an extended holiday right about now.

  4. Got ’em all. Perfect with a significant, a fire, and some Drumgray on ice. (I only ice it because they recommend it!)

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