New genre, new technology

In an older version of my About page, I included “no robots/mecha” as one of the stringent criteria I apply when choosing anime series to follow.

My distrust of mecha-themed titles has not entirely dissipated, but I’ve been sufficiently swayed by positive reviews of a certain recent film to place an order for it on

Incidentally, this will be my very first Blu-ray acquisition.

The disc is scheduled for release on 9th March. That leaves me one month in which to buy a player that can actually read it.

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  1. That scene featured the most awesome hug I’ve ever seen between two males.

    Also, this is a pretty good deal; I might consider buying it too, but, like you, I’d have to buy a player…

    Though I was fortunate enough to see this movie in a full scale cinema room at a festival, which was pretty awesome i must say.

    • Not a bad deal at all – just under US$20, and two dollars less than the DVD version. Of course, there’s the initial investment in the Blu-ray player to consider, but I was planning to make the shift to HD videos anyway (and my parents just might be convinced to foot at least part of the bill).

      Too bad I didn’t get the chance to catch this on the big screen. My congratulations to you on the awesome experience, which even an HD release will be hard pressed to replicate.

  2. Oh, Eva is not mecha – it’s a psychological drama sprinkled with random Judeo-Christian symbolism 😛 Have fun 🙂

    Buy PS3 to read it 😛

    • Drama or no drama, there are still robots in this thing. 😉 No worries, I’ll try to have as much fun as I can.

      I’ve thought about getting a PS3, but I’m not much of a gamer so I’d probably be better off getting a dedicated player.

  3. @Legionarion Conquistadorz: Consider your statement proven: I’ve just finished Eva 1.11 and liked it. 😉

    Not mind-blowingly awesome, and probably not quite good enough to rank among my favourites, but better than anything I’ve seen in a while. Will preorder the second film as soon as it’s licenced.

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