The live-action adaptation I probably won’t live to see

There’s a certain anime series from a few years back that I’ve been wanting to see turned into a live-action film. (No, not the one in the picture.) Whispers of an adaptation have surfaced now and again, but nothing concrete has ever come out of the rumour mill. (There was something a few months ago . . . nah, let’s not bring that up again, probably just another disappointment in the making.) Deprived of a real-world silver-screen version, from time to time I’d simply dive straight into the depths of my own imagination and conjure up images of what the film might look like, and play them at will in the world’s best theatre – the one sitting inside my head.

Naturally, I’d need an appropriate soundtrack playing in the background to complete the experience. For this, I turn to the limitless gold mine of AMVs on YouTube.

Here’s a selection of the pieces I usually listen to when “watching” the film. Ignore the anime/games featured in these AMVs – they have little or no relation to the series I have in mind. It’s the music that’s important.

This one is for the movie teaser.

This is for the first of the major battle scenes in the film.

This is for another combat scene – more a dogfight, actually.

This one doesn’t form a part of the film’s imagined soundtrack – but I’d use it to “create” an AMV featuring a coronation scene. (The one I have in mind is far removed from the one in the original anime series, though.)

Now for a few vital statistics.
Language: Latin, with a few instances of written Greek. May be shown with subtitles. Will never be shown dubbed.
Length: Approximately 9 hours. To be exhibited as a single unit without interruptions, or in three parts with two intermissions of one hour each – but always as a single feature presentation. The first theatre owner who breaks it up into three separate movies and runs them on different dates will be burned at the stake.
Estimated budget: Haven’t the foggiest idea. It will be a costly enterprise – loads of CG and special effects especially for the battle scenes. Let’s peg it at USD 750 million and see if it will be enough to work with. (Cut a few corners by hiring eager anime club members as unpaid extras.)

There are a couple of hints embedded throughout this post that might (but are not guaranteed to) give some idea as to which series I’d like to see adapted into a live-action film. Nonetheless, I shall offer one final clue.

Two words.

Garlic sauce.

4 Responses

  1. Excellent music choices! 😀

    I have no idea what show you are talking about >.< Is it Haruhi? Then again, the name of the first video is Sunshine, so I bet it s actually an awesome live-action version of Hidamari Sketch 😛

    • Yeah, we all know how Yunocchi is actually a bloodthirsty warlord inside. 😉

      The series I have in mind aired several years ago, though it’s well under a decade old so not exactly an oldie. Lots of epic battle scenes. Not a mecha series.

      And think of the “garlic sauce” clue.


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