Are you willing to sell your organs for this box set?

Click here. Then consider the facts.

It’s HD. It has English subtitles (a rarity among Japanese anime releases). It has great visuals, production values, the works.

It also has a price tag that will bankrupt a third-world microstate in no time flat.

Nope, sorry, no deal – not with the number after the ¥. Not even if they throw in the (much better) After Story. Not even if they include all of Kanon as a “special feature”.

Even KyoAniism has its limits.

Then again, given the set’s current sales ranking (months before its release date), it’s clear that those limits don’t apply to everyone.

4 Responses

  1. woah, is it really about 519 dollars? taking the word ‘expensive’ to a whole new level.

    • A whole new level indeed – somewhere beyond the ionosphere, I imagine. Probably best to wait for the US high-def release (if it ever comes); I expect it will be much cheaper.

  2. i would sell my brain lol o.0

  3. […] already written of the stratospheric asking price for CLANNAD‘s first season Blu-ray set here, and I regret to report that the identically priced second season doesn’t give much cause for […]

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