Diego’s winter anime viewing list, 2010 edition


One year ends and another begins. At last, comrades, we find ourselves standing yet again upon the threshold of the winter anime season – The Greatest Anime Season of the Year. The fact of the awesome winter season’s awesomely awesome awesomeness was established with compelling finality in last year’s winter season write-up, so we need not ask ourselves why the title should not more worthily be conferred upon spring, summer or fall. Winter = Awesome. Fact of life. Law of physics. Got it? Splendid.

But that’s not the end of it. 2010’s winter season is shaping up to give even more bang for the byte than last year’s. The proof: my viewing list for this winter has TWICE the number of shows as the previous winter.

And so, before I render the word “awesome” irretrievably obsolete through unbridled overuse, I am pleased to present my complete viewing list for the 2010 Winter Anime Season – The Greatest Anime Season of the Year.

Ready? You asked for it.

  • Hidamari Sketch × ☆☆☆
  • So-Ra-No-Wo-To
  • All right, I think it’s painfully obvious what I think of winter anime seasons in general. Still, these are early days and the bleak trend may yet be broken this time around. That list has every chance of growing longer once additional information becomes available, in the form of reviews and episode summaries.

    But for now, this is all I’m planning to sink my teeth into.


    Official Site / Anime News Network / Wikipedia

    This show is my cup of tea. A steaming hot, sickeningly sweet cup of tea that helps wash out the bitter residues of the daily grind. Not so much a slice-of-life as the-entire-cake-of-life-with-strawberries-and-frosting-on-top. Observing a group of high-school art students at work and play may not be to everyone’s taste, but it’s great comfort food for anyone in need of a gentle morale boost.


    Official Site / Anime News Network / Wikipedia

    No compelling reasons lie behind my decision to pick this one up – it’s all down to judging the book by its cover. Superficially, the character designs seem good and the animation quality (judging from the one tiny teaser I’ve seen) is competent; the studio behind this project previously worked on Kannagi so we’re probably in good hands. As far as the story’s concerned, there’s precious little information available at the moment – the fact that it’s an original production (not based off a manga or light-novel series) contributes to the paucity of hard facts.


    Well, so much for that. In any case, even if the winter season turns out to be a dud as anticipated, we’ve got three more seasons to look forward to before General Frost freezes the fun out of the airwaves yet again.


    5 Responses

    1. Yeah, nothing much caught my eye this Winter either. I’ll be watching the Nodame finale. Durarara!!! and Katanagatari are probably the ones that stood out to me the most among the titles.

      I’ll most probably just take the chance to catch up with other series in my “plan to watch” list while I look forward to the Spring 2010 season. ^_^

      • “I’ll most probably just take the chance to catch up with other series in my “plan to watch” list while I look forward to the Spring 2010 season.”

        Good idea. I should try something along those lines; there must be quite a few gems here and there in the sea of 2009 shows that I haven’t seen yet.

    2. Indeed, Hidamari is a great slice-of-life anime 🙂

      Soranowoto has potential, but it is not clear where it will lead yet.

      • Yeah, its difficult to make a sound assessment of So-Ra-No-Wo-To unless more information is released. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

        In any case, just a couple more days before it starts airing, so we’ll find out soon enough.

    3. […] Diego’s winter anime viewing list, 2010 edition […]

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