Reshaping Tokyo – one webpage at a time


We're rebuilding Tokyo. Care to lend a hand?

As its Collaboration of the Month project for November 2009, the denizens of the free online travel website Wikitravel have embarked on an important endeavour: bringing order to the massive accumulation of district entries and information pages that collectively make up the Tokyo travel guide.

Like Wikipedia, Wikitravel allows anyone to contribute and edit information, so I’d encourage readers to jump in – or, to use site parlance, “plunge forward” – and help make the project a success. Whether it’s the address of a hole-in-the-wall manga shop or a new travel guide for an entire district, any helpful contribution is welcome, no matter how big or small.

2 Responses

  1. I’m a frequent reader of Wikitravel, and this is great news to hear. I’ve written a few stuff about my own city and hell, I even learned a bunch of stuff I didn’t even know about it.

    No need to mention I’ve read the Japan (Tokyo included) page numerous times and it do helps when planning a trip (unfortunately, I haven’t been there yet, though I’m planning to go in exactly 1 year minus 17-20 days).

    So yeah, Wikitravel fan, I am.

  2. @g0rth0r: Glad to hear from a fellow Wikitravel fan. I made good use of some of their Japan articles (mainly Tokyo and Kyoto) when I went there earlier this year; very helpful stuff. Lonely Planet was my main reference but Wikitravel did an excellent job filling up any gaps in my knowledge.

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