No KyoAni, you are not forgiven yet

But if I see the following scenes from the novel brought to life . . . then we’ll talk.

What was this reaction… similar to a normal person’s?

Nagato’s eyes were tightly shut, and a blush of red began spreading on her ceramic-like pale cheek. Moans, like faint sighs, escaped from her slightly parted lips, and I finally noticed the quivering of her delicate shoulders under my hands, like a puppy under chilling air. A shivering voice reached my ears.

“Stop it…”

I confirmed that Asakura had left first before I whispered to Nagato.

“See you. Can I visit the club room tomorrow too? I have nowhere else to go to after school.”

Nagato fixed her eyes on me, and…

…Gave a faint but definite smile.

I was literally dazzled.

Show me this, KyoAni, and I will show mercy in return when I pass sentence over you for what I now realise is the longest, most expensive, and by far the most frustrating movie teaser I’ve ever had the displeasure of sitting through.

4 Responses

  1. That will be half forgiven.

  2. I love how they were so cheap that for the teaser it only consisted of a still image.

  3. Kyo-ani can’t even be trusted, for they are epic trolls waiting to lick your tears of disappointment

  4. @Seinime: With the other half upon delivery.

    @HyperKnuckles99: Yeah, one would think they’d at least loosen the purse strings on a brief animated sequence. This clip looks as if it’d been made by some KyoAni intern with a video camera and a Nagato poster.

    @Jubbz: If their habit of Harutard fanboy baiting is anything to go by, trust is not something I’d even let them get a sniff of. But heck, they can have my tears – so long as they give me my movie.

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