I’m thinking of the good old days

Remember when this show used to be good?

Remember when the next episode was something one used to look forward to?

Remember when the adoring masses wanted to heap bouquets on KyoAni’s doorstep, instead of burning tyres and Molotov cocktails?

Yeah, I do too.

So here, for a limited time only, is a reminder of happier times.

3 Responses

  1. Maybe, just maybe this recent failure will be seen as a wake-up call. So we can hope, lest Kyo-Ani fall into the rut that Gainax has fallen into.

  2. What were they smoking when they thought making endless eights eight episodes long & not animating the disappearance arc was a good idea?

  3. @zzeroparticle: I share that hope. If the once-great KyoAni goes the way of the Gonzo, I’ll really have something to wail and gnash my teeth about.

    @HyperKnuckles99: Probably the smoke from the burning tyres. (^_^) Seriously, not even the news of a Disappearance movie can fully make up for the Endlessly Endless Eight debacle, but it’s a start.

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